Royal Facilities - Audiovisual
Display Technology Equipment

1. Display Equipment (Grand Hall)
MAJOR PRO C Euroscreen Electric Screen Rear Projection (On Stage)
Projection Surface:                        600 x 338cm
HIGHlite660 Digital Projection 3-Chip Projector
Resolution:                                        HD 1920 x 1080 with short throw lens and 8000 Lumens
Panasonic TV Plasma (On external Stage walls facing auditorium)
2 x Panasonic High Definition Plasma Display TH-103PF12E
Screen Size (Diagonal):                103-inch (2.603 mm)
Aspect Ratio:                                     16:9
Effective Display Area:                  2.269mm(W) x 1.276mm(H)
Number of Pixels:                        1.920pixel(H) x 1.080pixel(V) (1 pixel = 3cells for R, G and B)    
Pixel Pitch:                                 1.182mm(H) x 1.182mm(V)
Moving Picture Res.:                    1.080 lines
Contrast:                                     40.000:1
Dynamic Contrast:                       2.000.000:1
Gradation:                                   6.144 steps (equivalent)
2. Display Equipment (Gallery D’ Avilla & Loredano)
Surface: 221 x 124 DNP Electric Screens
VIVITEK DLP Projectors
HD Resolution: 1920 x 1080 4500 Lumens
AVENVIEW 8 x 8 HDMI Matrix Switcher
Sound Technology Equipment

1. Live Sound System (Grand Hall)
Mixing Control - PRO6 Midas Digital Mixing Control Centre with 1xDL442
Sabine Dual Channel Processor
1 x DL452 Digital Card
1 x DLS443 – TRS Card
1 x DL371 PRO DSP Module
1 x DL351 Modular I/O Box
DL441 Input Card x 5
DL442 Output Card x 3
Pioneer CDJ 2000 NEXUS
Speakers Martin Audio
W8LM1               16 x E-Way mini install line array
WMX                    2 x High power Hybrid Flown Sub BA
WLXGS                2 x High power 18’’ Hybrid Sub
ASF2001              2 x W8LM Grid Assembly
MA5.2K                6 x Power Amplifier 2K 2x2600
DX1.5                   2 x 2:6 Digital loudspeaker management unit
LE1200S 12’’        4 x Low profile high power monitor
MA5.2K               3 x Power amplifier 2k 2x2600
                           2 x Full range 15% multi angled enclosure
MA3+                  1 x Dedicated Black line system controller
DX2                     1 x Martin audio speaker management
Processing Equipment
GRQ-3102          1 x Sabine equalizer, feedback controller compressor/limiter
Microphones wired and wireless
Ancillary Sound Equipment
CD Player/recorder TASCAM SS-CDR-200

2. Mobile Sound Equipment Rack (Gallery D’ Avilla & Loredano)
Auto two Biamp Automatic Mixer with 8 inputs
Naphon Wireless System with 4 desktop units
Audio Technica Lavalier Wireless Mic System
Audio Technica Headworn Wireless Mic System with small microphone
Pioneer DVD/CD/MP3 Player
Tascam SD/CD Recorder for recording
Samson Equalizer
Sabine Feedback Controller
Audio Performance Speakers (4)
Lighting Technology Equipment

1. Lighting Technology (Grand Hall)
14 x Profile moving head
18 x Wash LED moving head
12 x LED moving head
The Press House
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